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Moreton Bay Regional Council Healthy & Active Program booking page

We are using the EventBright platform for bookings.  If you have any issues - please let me know by sending an email with details of your issue.

Book Rockclimbing

at Mt Ngungun

6th March

Book Abseiling

at Mt Ngungun

27th March

Book Abseiling

at the Samford Tower

17th April

Book Abseiling

at the Samford Tower

5th June

Book Rockclimbing

at Mt Ngungun

12th June

COVID announcement

At WorthWild we take your safety seriously.

Whilst we do adhere to the Outdoor Recreation industry guidelines for COVID, there is absolutely no way that we can run an activity safely and keep people 1.5 meters away from one another at all times. 

Rockclimbing and abseiling require proximity for safety.

Unfortunately, COVID regulationary issues are our greatest risk concern. Not so much that you or your child may catch it; but that you may transfer it to us or you or your child may catch it from another participant.

Please do not attend the activity if you or any member of your household or participants booked in this activity have any of the symptoms of COVID - cough, cold, sore throat, sniffle, temperature etc.

Answers to common questions


All of our activities are suitable for beginners, both children (school age and up) and adults.

FITNESS. At Samford, there are ladders to climb. At Ngungun we have a 10 minute walk to the lower cliffs.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS Neither the ladders at the tower nor the track up Ngungun is recommended for people who are 'infirm' or have balance, knee or leg issues. Please advise us of any medical conditions at time of booking.

DURATION. These funded activities are 2 hour sessions and as such do not follow the same activity program as our regular sessions (see tabs above for details). We recommend attending one of our regular sessions after you have attended these sessions. Abseiling the 50 meter cliff on Ngungun is awesome!

WHAT IF OUR PREFERRED SESSION IS BOOKED OUT? In this case, you may nominate to be placed you on a standby list when you make your booking on EventBrite


We offer special rates for Moreton clients on our regular abseiling and rockclimbing trips. Ask me for details if interested.

COVID: Please note, and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, neither WorthWild Pty Ltd, nor I, Martin Worth nor my assistant staff member can or will take any responsibility whatsoever for anything at all to do with COVID; your physical safety in attending the activity is our only responsibility.

COVID is not one of those risks that we are calibrated to manage or willing to take responsibility for. If this paragraph is not to your liking then please do not attend this activity.

If you choose attendance under the above conditions then you agree to indemnify WorthWIld Pty Ltd and parties fully and completely from any and all responsibility whatsoever from any and everything related to COVID.